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Home > Volume 02 Number I January 2008

Special Issue on
Universalization of Socio-economic Security:
South Asian Perspective

Editor's Introduction
Ashwani Saith
Full Article
Towards Universalizing Socio-economic Security
Strategic Elements of a Policy Framework

Ashwani Saith
Reviving Egalitarianism in the Global Transformation:
Building Occupational Security

Guy Standing
South and East Asian Social Policy Experience:
Politics and Institutions in the Extension of Social Security

Arjan de Haan and Gita Sabharwal
Social Development in Bangladesh: Pathways,
Surprises and Challenges

Wahiduddin Mahmud
Politics, Economic Policy and Social Provisioning:
Growth and Dismantling of the Welfare State in Sri Lanka

David Dunham
Towards Universal Social Protection in India in a Rights-based Paradigm
Ravi Srivastava
Ensuring Democratic Citizenship: A Gender Perspective on
Contending Pathways for Socio-economic Security in South Asia

Amrita Chhachhi
Social Exclusion in the Indian Context:
Theoretical Basis of Inclusive Policies

Sukhadeo Thorat
Newly Emerging Needs of Children:
Towards Widening the Policy Agenda in South Asia

Rekha Wazir
Implications of Population Aging with Special Focus on
Social Protection for Elderly Persons in South Asia

S. Irudaya Rajan
The Growth Report: Strategies for Sustained Growth and
Inclusive Development:

Report of the Commission on Growth and Development
Book Reviews

Santosh Mehrotra and Enrique Delamonica
Eliminating Human Poverty:
Macroeconomic and Social Policies for Equitable Growth

K.P. Kannan Read Review

Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh and Anuradha M. Chenoy
Human Security: Concepts and Implications

Navin Chandra Read Review

Praveen Jha, Subrat Das, S.S. Mohanty and Nandan Kumar Jha
Public Provisioning for Elementary Education in India
Praveen Jha and Pooja Parvati
India’s Tryst with Elementary Education in the Time of Reforms:
Policy Constraints and Institutional Gaps

Sudhanshu Bhushan Read Review

A. Saith, M. Vijayabaskar and V. Gayathri (eds)
ICTs and Indian Social Change: Diffusion, Poverty and Governance

Babu P. Ramesh
Read Review

Caroline Moser and Anis A. Dani (eds)
New Frontiers of Social Policy:
Assets, Livelihoods and Social Policy

Rajini Menon Read Review