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Human Development Report

Recently The Institute for Human Development (IHD) prepared and released the Delhi Human Development Report 2013. The Institute has been involved in the first DHDR. Several other human development reports for the states of Mizoram, Manipur and Bihar were prepared by IHD. Currently, a project on the preparation of Assam HDR is underway- ‘a reflection of the Institute’s constant endeavor to focus on human development issues.

DELHI HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2013: Improving Lives, Promoting Inclusion
by Alakh N Sharma and IHD Team
Price: Rs. 995; Paperback; 232 pages
Published: 2013
Publisher: Academic Foundation and Institute for Human
ISBN: 9789332700860

The Delhi Human Development Report 2013 discusses the various aspects of the prevailing human development scenario in Delhi, including employment and educational opportunities, the healthcare, basic services and amenities, as well as the issue of public safety and security that has been a source of widespread concern in the recent past. While encompassing both the achievements and emerging challenges that constantly confront this vibrant city, the Report not only relies on the latest statistics and available information, but also analyses the findings of a large survey of about 8000 households, which was carried out to understand the perceptions and aspirations of the citizens belonging to various groups. In essence, this Report is both a mirror to the city and an endeavor to promote inclusion and equity at various levels.