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Ms. Sandhya

Research Associate


  • M.Phil in Sociology, South Asian University

Sandhya A.S is a Research Associate at IHD and an Editorial Associate of Indian Journal of Labour Economics. Her research interests are around gender, care, protection, identity, work and employment. Her MPhil thesis focused on the changing labour market landscape of the Nepali men in New Delhi and studied how the racial and gender logics that once opened up the scope of employment for these men in the Indian subcontinent, have now become the very reasons that prevent Nepali men from entering the labour market of unarmed security service. She is currently engaged in an ICSSR-IHD project titled ‘Solid Waste Management under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: The Changing Role of the Informal Sector’ and desires to explore the implications of precariousness in growing informalization of work.