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Social Exclusion in the Indian Context:Theoretical Basis of Inclusive Policies
Sukhadeo Thorat
This article covers a wide range of issues related to social exclusion in the Indian context, ranging from the characterization of Indian society, the problems faced by socially disadvantaged groups such as the Dalits, Other Backward Castes (OBCs), religious minorities, women and other excluded groups, and the possible remedies against discrimination and deprivation. Firstly, the article discusses the notion of social exclusion, drawing mainly from social science literature, in general, and economics, in particular. Secondly, it discusses the nature of social exclusion associated with the caste system. Thirdly, the article captures the consequences of discrimination and social exclusion. Fourthly, it suggests possible remedies for social exclusion. And finally, the author suggests possible ways to address the issues concerning the multiple social groups in Indian society that are demanding solutions to their groupspecific problems.

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