Consultation on Urban Planning, Poverty and Violence in India

A consultation with concerned stakeholders ranging from government, planning, research and policy was held in Patna on 2 October 2013 in order to discuss the beginning stages of research including methodology and secondary data sources not easily available such as local police station level crime data, GIS maps of resources, slums as well as the city plan documents of the past as well as the latest Patna Master Plan which is to be released soon. Some of the panelists included Prof.Shaibal Gupta, Member Secretary and Director, ADRI; Mr. Rakesh Tiwari, Support Programme for Urban Reforms, DFID; Mr. Rajvardhan Sharma (IPS); Dr. P. P. Ghosh, Director, Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) and Dr. K.R.P. Singh, Bihar Remote Sensing Application Centre, Geographer and Cartographer.