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IHD Perspectives

IHD Perspectives titled "National Education Policy: A Situation Analysis for Teachers”
By Tanuka Endow

IHD Perspectives titled "Low Cost Private Schools: Are they really low cost?”
By Tanuka Endow

IHD-CGS ‘Perspectives: Research, Policy and Action’ Series

“Experience of Domestic Violence in India: Prevalence and Variation among Different Socio-Economic Status Groups”
By Sunil Kumar Mishra and Vikas Dubey

“Estimates of Women’s Labour Force Participation: Rectifying Persisting Inaccuracies”
By Aasha Kapur Mehta

"A Re-look at the Status of Women in India”
By Tanuka Endow and Garima Gambhir

"The Macro-Patriarchal State: Gender Equalisation via Feminist Finance”
By Ritu Dewan

"Persisting Gender Inequality in Indian Labour Market”
By Balwant Singh Mehta and Ishwar Chandra Awasthi

"Are Women Left behind in a Prosperous Region? Some
Observations from the NCR?”
By Shipra Maitra

"Some Key Principles and Policy Actions for Making Ujjwala More
Responsive to the Needs of People?”
By Govind Kelkar

"Prof. Alakh N. Sharma, Director, discusses IHD's commitment to gender equality and research contribution of IHD on women and gender issues"
Watch here

" Prof. Sarthi Acharya, IHD stressing the need for greater equity in society "
Watch here

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