The Institute for Human Development (IHD), NITI Aayog, Government of India, and the University of Florida in partnership with the Centre for the Regional Development (CSRD), JNU, and the National Institute of Urban Affairs organized an International Conference on 'Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Development in the Global South' from 10-12 August 2023 in New Delhi (IIC). IHD is celebrating 25 years of its founding this year. This Conference was a part of its Silver jubilee activities and events. The First edition of this Conference, organized in 2015, was successful in deliberating policy and academic issues relevant for sustainable and inclusive urban development. The second edition continued this effort and aimed to bring together scholars and experts to delve into the latest global urban developments, evidence, and perspectives. It provided an opportunity for sharing regional urban experiences and case studies of projects to evolve an agenda for inclusive urbanization, concurrent with the efforts for Sustainable Development Goals (in particular, Goal 11: Making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable).
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  • International experiences of urbanization
  • Urban governance and planning
  • Creating decent employment and green jobs
  • Cities, small and medium towns
  • Migration and urbanisation
  • Strengthening rural-urban linkages
  • Social and economic inclusion; urban poverty and slums
  • Urban spaces and gender equality
  • Equitable, accessible and safe transportation
  • Public safety and security
  • Planning for just cities
  • Climate change, risks and resilience
  • Climate finance, green and sustainable urban development
  • Trunk infrastructure (water and waste management)
  • Affordable housing and rental housing
  • Technology and innovation


Conference Coordinators

Dr. Abhinav Alakshendra

Associate Professor
University of Florida

Ms. Kanak Tiwari

Programme Director - Urban Strategy Unit
Head - Urban 20 (U20) Technical Secretariat
National Institute of Urban Affairs

Dr. Bhim Reddy

Senior Fellow
Institute for Human Development