Delhi Human Development Report – 2013

Delhi Human Development Report  – 2013: Improving Livelihoods and Bridging Disparities

The Delhi Human Development Report 2013 aimed to assess Delhi’s progress and delineate with its challenges and devise appropriate strategies. The basic thrust of the report was improving livelihoods and quality of life. The Report discussed various aspects of the prevailing human development scenario in Delhi, including employment and educational opportunities, the healthcare, basic services and amenities, as well as the issue of public safety and security that has been a source of widespread concern in the recent past. While encompassing both the achievements and emerging challenges that constantly confront this vibrant city, the Report not only relied on the latest statistics and available information, but also analysed the findings of a large survey of about 8000 households, which was carried out to understand the perceptions and aspirations of the citizens belonging to various groups. In essence, this Report is both a mirror to the city and an endeavour to promote inclusion and equity at various levels. The Report prepared by IHD was published by the Academic Foundation and was released by the Vice President of India in the presence of the Chief Minister of Delhi on 31 August 2013 at New Delhi.

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Associated Activities
Consultation workshops on the DHDR
Stakeholders’ Consultation on “Delhi Human Development Report” 2013

  • A full-day meeting was organized by IHD in collaboration with Government of NCT of Delhi on July 8, 2013 at New Delhi.
  • The Hon’ble Chief Minister, GNCTD, Smt. Sheila Dikshit inaugurated the Consultation. Ms. Sayeda Hameed, Member Planning Commission chaired the Inaugural Session.
  • At the Consultation, the findings of the various draft chapters (of DHDR 2013) on Livelihood and Employment, Shelter and Basic Services, Education, Health, Safety and Security and Perception and Aspirations was presented.
  • A group of eminent experts on these issues consisting of scholars, civil-society representatives, policy-makers, representatives of the international organizations and development practitioners, apart from senior officials of Government of NCT of Delhi, participated in the Workshop and shared their views.


Thematic Consultative Workshops

The Institute for Human Development, New Delhi was entrusted with the responsibility to prepare the 2nd Delhi State Human Development Report- 2013 on behalf of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi. A high level Steering Committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary of Go NCTD has been constituted to guide the preparation of the report. As a key component of the said exercise, IHD organized thematic consultative workshops focusing on each of the major themes of the Report. At the Workshops, preliminary findings of the chapters were presented by the IHD research team. A group of eminent experts on various aspects involving scholars, civil-society representatives, aid agencies and policy-makers present at the Workshop and share their views The following workshops were organized:

Name of thematic workshops Date Moderator
Health and Health Care in Delhi 17 April 2013 Dr. A. K Shiva Kumar, member of the DHDR Steering Committee
Livelihood and Employment in Delhi 31 May 2013 Dr. T. S. Papola, Visiting Professor, Institute for Human Development
Education in Delhi 7 June, 2013 Professor Alakh N Sharma, Director, Institute for Human Development
Safety in Delhi 8 June 2013 Professor Amitabh Kundu, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Access to Basic Services in Delhi 14 June 2013 Professor Alakh N Sharma, Director, Institute for Human Development