Delhi State Report 2014: Millennium Development Goals

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are an outcome of the UN Millennium Declaration of September 2000 in which 189 nations of the world committed to provide the right to development to the world’s population, with a human rights approach by 2015. The concept of MDGs is a comprehensive approach and offers a coordinated strategy which aims to tackle many problems simultaneously. Throughout the globe, the MDGs are being monitored systematically and the progresses made are evaluated periodically to achieve the goals and targets.

Government of India has recently brought out the Millennium Development Goals – India Country Report  2014. Prior to this, MDG – India Country Report was published in 2012. These reports are prepared by the Social Statistics Division (SSD) of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI), Government of India. In the 59th meeting of the National Statistical Commission (NSC), held on19 and 20 August, 2013, the Commission felt that the State level MDG reports should not be developed by the MOSPI and that they should be developed by the states as per the Social Statistics Division (SSD) framework. NSC took up the matter with the Planning Commission suggesting it to advise states to prepare state MDG Reports as it is done in the case of Human Development Report for states and districts. The Planning Commission subsequently requested the states to commence the work relating to the state level MDG reports in the framework provided by MOSPI.


Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) has instituted a Chair on Human Development Issues at the Institute for Human Development (IHD), New Delhi. On behalf of the GNCTD, the Second Delhi Human Development Report (DHDR) was prepared by IHD under the activities of this Chair. The State Millennium Development Goals Report of NCT of Delhi has also been prepared by the Chair as part of the GNCTD and UNDP–Planning Commission partnership programme on Human Development towards Bridging Inequalities (HDBI).

This report is based on the latest data and information available. It assesses the, performance vis-à-vis goals and targets. It also tries to correlate some of the programmes and policies of the state government which ensure the achievement of the goals and targets. The NCT of Delhi, as the report discusses, has already attained some targets of the MDG while it is well on track to attain many others by 2015. The report hopefully will enable policy dialogue on the attainment of MDGs and planning ahead.

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