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Regional Disparities in Education, Health and Human Development in India
Madhusudan Ghosh
This paper evaluates the relative performance of fifteen major Indian states on the issues of education, health and human development. It examines the regional disparities in human development and their association with per capita income and per capita social sector expenditure. The results show regional convergence in human development despite a divergence in real per capita income, indicating that the poor states, which have failed to catch up with the rich ones in terms of per capita income, have, however, managed to catch up in terms of human development. Female literacy is found to have a significant impact on human development. The effects of the per capita social sector expenditure on human development are found to be stronger than those of per capita income, suggesting that the strategy for improving various dimensions of human development by increasing the per capita government expenditure on social services would be more effective than the automatic improvement in human development resulting from the growth in per capita income.

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