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  Volume 02 Number II July 2008
Nationalism and Development: Can There Be a Decent Patriotism?
Martha C. Nussbaum Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Access to Justice and Rule-of (Good) Law: The Cunning of Judicial Reform in India
Pratiksha Baxi Abstract    |    Full Pdf
What are the Pathways through Which Poverty is Perpetuated across Generations? Unlocking Possible Evidence for the Mexican Case
Laura Valadez Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Theory of Social Justice and Involuntary Resettlement: Evidence from India
Madhu Bala Abstract    |    Full Pdf
The Twisted Tryst: Some Reflections on Inclusion and Quality in the Public Provisioning of Elementary Education in India
Praveen Jha and Pooja Parvati Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Old Age Security in Asia and the Pacific: Reflections on a Rights-based Framework
Marius Olivier Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Determining BPL Status: Some Methodological Improvements
Sabina Alkire and Suman Seth Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Adjusting Headcount Deprivation for Horizontal and Spatial Inequality:Some Illustrative Examples Using Census Housing Data
D. Jayaraj and S. Subramanian Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Impact of CBHI Schemes on Access to Healthcare:Evidence from India
K.S. James, Seetha Prabhu, Rajeev Ahuja and Alka Narang Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Civil Society and Exclusion:Partha Chatterjee on 'The Politics of the Governed
Swagato Sarkar Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Rang De Basanti: Bollywood's Construct of India's Malaise
Sharad Raj Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Civil Paths to Peace: Report of the Commonwealth Commission on Respect and Understanding
Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Book Reviews
Santosh Mehrotra and Mario Biggeri (eds) Asian Informal Workers: Global Risks, Protection
Shalini Sinha Full Pdf
Prime Minister's High Level Committee on Social, Economic and Educational Status of Muslim Community of India: A Report
Ragini Sahay Full Pdf
Dipak Majumdar and Sandip Sarkar Globalization, Labour Markets and Inequality in India
Alok Kumar Full Pdf
P.B. Anand Scarcity, Entitlements and the Economics of Water in Developing Countries
Sanatan Nayak Full Pdf
S. Irudaya Rajan, Carla Risseeuw and Myrtle Perera (eds) Institutional Provisions and Care for the Aged- Perspectives from Asia and Europe
Sanatan Nayak Full Pdf
Review Article
Supercapitalism and the Indian Corporate Economy
Damien Krichewsky Abstract    |    Full Pdf