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  Volume 04 Number II July-December 2010
Capitalism, the State, and the Underlying Drivers of Human Development
Michael Walton Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Aid: The Drama, the Fiction,and Does it Work?
Arjan de Haan Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Governance as Networks: Emerging Relationships among the State,Business and NGOs in India
Kuldeep Mathur Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Can We Really Measure Poverty and Identify the Poor When Poverty Encompasses Multiple Deprivations?
R.Radhakrishna, C.Ravi,B.Sambi Reddy Abstract    |    Full Pdf
The Official Poor in India Summed Up
Rajesh Shukla Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Exploring the Meaningfulness and Relevance of Subjective Well-being for India
Daniel Neff Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Towards Holistic Understanding of the Lives of the Poor: Reading the Life History of Viramma (a Poor Dalit1 Woman) Conjointly with Martha Nussbaum’s List of Capabilities
Ann George Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Spatial and Social Class Variations in Child Deprivation in Madhya Pradesh, India
Aalok Ranjan Chaurasia Abstract    |    Full Pdf
‘World Class’ Dreams and Urban Change:A Critique of the 2010 Commonwealth Games
Mitu Sengupta Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Research Notes
Vulnerability In India: A Simple Consumption-based Approach
Atanu Sengupta,Manas Ghose Abstract    |    Full Pdf
A Spatio-Temporal Investigation into the Performance of a North-eastern State: A Human Development Approach
Raju Mandal Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Where is Development? Field Notes from the KBK Region of Orissa
Ambuja Kumar Tripathy Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Book Reviews
Challenging the Injustice of Poverty: Agenda for Inclusive Development in South Asia, Sage Publications, Delhi, 2010, pp. 486, Rs. 895.
Rehman Sobhan Full Pdf
Reservation Policy and Its Implementation across Domains in India: An Analytical Review, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2009, pp. 111, Rs. 599.
Niranjan Sahoo Full Pdf