The Challenge of Inclusive Development in Rural Bihar (IHD and Manak Publications, Delhi, 2013).

The Institute for Human Development has been carrying out a research programme on ‘Inclusive Development in Bihar’ since 2009. This book is one of the publications of this research programme. Written by a team of researchers with many years of experience in the state, it maps out the transformation of the agrarian system and the dynamics of the labour market. It explores the pattern and implications of high migration. It shows what has happened to living standards, poverty and social exclusion, and the impact of improved governance and innovative policies. And it suggests priorities for both research and policy if Bihar is to consolidate recent gains and embark on a sustainable path of inclusive growth. The book is largely based on a series of surveys that have been carried out over the last thirty years in the villages of the state. These surveys make it possible to analyse change in greater detail and with more confidence than in studies based on secondary sources. The book provides details of these surveys, which constitute an important resource and reference for future work in Bihar.

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