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  Volume 01 Number I January 2007
What’s Social Policy Got to Do with Economic Growth?
Ravi Kanbur Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Decent Work, Social Inclusion, and Development
Gerry Rodgers Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Conceptualizing Social Security in a Human Development and Rights Perspective
K.P. Kannan and N. Vijayamohanan Pillai Abstract    |    Full Pdf
A Rights-Based Approach to Removing Poverty: Eradicating Poverty as Realizing Human Rights
Arjun Sengupta Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Inclusion and Exclusion in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: The Role of Religion
Rajeev Bhargava Abstract    |    Full Pdf
A Human Development Measures: From Advocacy to Policy Monitoring at Country Level
Rajeev Malhotra Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Slums as Vote Banks and Residents,Access to Basic Amenities:The Role of Political Contact and its Determinants
Brent Edelman and Arup Mitra Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Has the Human Development Approach Influenced Policy?:The Case of World Bank Flagship Reports
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Turnaround in China`s Health Policies?
Lincoln C. Chen and A.K. Shiva Kumar Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Measuring Agency: Issues and Possibilities
Sabina Alkire Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Rang De Basanti: Bollywood's Construct of India's Malaise
Aseem Prakash Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Report on Social Security for Unorganized Workers:Summary and Recommendations
Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Delhi Human Development Report:An Overview
Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Book Reviews
Femida Handy, Meenaz Kassam, Suzanne Feeney, Bhagyashree Ranade (eds)Grassroots NGOs by Women for Women: The Driving Force of Development in India
Sumi Krishna Full Pdf
Sujata Prasad and C. Sathyamala (eds) Securing Health for All: Dimensions and Challenges
K.S. James Full Pdf
Jyotsna Jha and Dhir Jhingran Elementary Education for the Poorest and Other Deprived Groups:The Real Challenge of Universalization
Tanuka Endow Full Pdf
V.M. Rao Poverty Reduction in an Elite-Driven Democracy: The Case of India
Piush Antony Full Pdf