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Call for Contributions


The Indian Journal of Human Development:

  • welcomes original inter-disciplinary contributions from a human development perspective on developing countries
  • promotes fresh debates on concepts and measurement of human development
  • explores the inter-connections between policy interventions and impacts on the lives of people
  • includes a comparative analysis of development policies that enhance people's freedoms
  • offers human development insights into policy analysis and evaluation
  • encourages rigorous and critical engagement with theories of development, discourse of human development and freedom

The Journal includes scholarly essays and short comments, lectures and orations, reflections and perspectives, comments and viewpoints on culture, films and literature, documentation of significant reports, book reviews and information on events and statistics relating to human development.

Expressions of all shades and opinions are welcome to say:

Book Reviews: Authors may recommend to their publishers that their books be sent to us for review. Publishers may contact the editor if they wish to send a book for review

The Journal is published bi-annually by the Institute for Human Development, New Delhi.