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Dr. Rajesh Shukla

Visiting Professor


Have conceptualised, designed and executed some of the landmark databases, analytic constructs and knowledge relating to India's consumer economy and socio-economic well-being. Worked over last two decades and conversant with designing, creating, and extracting insight from primary and secondary data based research studies. Executed over 30 national level studies covering a range of topics such as Household Income, Expenditure and Saving; Income Distribution and Inequality; Financial Inclusion; Education and Human Resource Utilization, Public Understanding of Science; Demographics and Youth Readership, Tourism. Have authored 17 books, about 30 national research reports, a number of research papers and popular articles in leading financial dailies. Some of the distinctive publications include How India Earns, Spends and Saves: Unmasking the Real India, first India Science Report; The Great Indian Middle Class; The Next Urban Frontier: Twenty Cities to Watch; Caste in Different Mould; India Youth: Demographics and Readership; and The Culture of Science: How the Public Relates Science Across the Globe. Worked as technical advisor to several reputed national and international institutions such as UN Committee on Tourism Statistics; McKinsey Global Institute; ADB; Yale Centre for Consumer Insight.