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Video Gallery

IHD's 2nd Decennial Lecture by Ms. Sandra Polaski, Deputy Director-General (Policy), International Labour Organization, Geneva

Inaugural Session - International SARNET
Conference, 14 Dec 2014

NNIS - Will Learn From DHDR'13 Report To Move Ahead: Sheila Dikshit

A New Approach: India Labour and Employment Report - Dr. Preet Rustagi, IHD

Jobs Opportunities for South Asian Women" -- Dr. Preet Rustagi, IHD

Policy Options for Better Jobs" - Professor Preet Rustagi, Faculty, Institute for Human Development

DD News - Vice President releases Delhi Human Development Report 2013

What After MDGs? Shaping the Development Agenda in the Post 2015 Scenario ? a collection of think pieces by leading academic scholars and experts from the global South was released on 28 April 2014.