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The Institute for Human Development (IHD) with over hundred research and evaluation studies has published in the areas of labour, health, employment, education, and other aspects of human development.

Some of our major publications are: -

  • The Indian Employment Report 2016
  • Labour in Global Value Chains in Asia
  • Human Development in the Global South: Emerging Perspectives in the era of Post-Millennium Development Goals 2015
  • The Challenge of Inclusive Development in Rural Bihar
  • Employment and Social Protection in Brazil, China, India, and South Africa
  • Manufacturing Enterprise in Asia: Size, Structure, and Economic Growth

IHD publications aim at not only building a development perspective, but also to inform development plans for states and governments through State or Human Development Reports.Our publications cater to general readers and scholars involved in development studies and policy formulations. The Institute has its own bi-annual journal called the “Indian Journal of Human Development”. The numerous books, reports, and working papers published by IHD has provided factual material and informed policy debates. The publications have been widely reviewed and acknowledged by both Indian and International scholarsin journals, newspapers, ad magazines.