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Dr. Sandip Sarkar



  • Ph.D in Economics, Agra University
  • ICSSR Senior Fellow

Dr. Sandip Sarkar is Professor at the Institute for Human Development, New Delhi. Previously, he has worked in several research Institutes like Institute of Economic Growth and Institute for Studies in Industrial Development. He is a Doctorate in economics in the field of agro-industry and its inter-linkage with agriculture. He has authored two books and a large number of research articles in reputed journals. Spanning over two decades, he has focused primarily on issues related to poverty, labour and livelihood in agriculture and non-agricultural sectors. He has been extensively involved in several large research projects funded by reputed national and international agencies. He is the coordinator of the IHD Data Centre on Labour Markets and Human Development. The data centre aims to make available huge data repository, operational data and outputs both at macro and micro level and provide specific needs of the end-users from a single window in user friendly formats (output in tabular forms).