•  Highlight human development status and progress made in Delhi
•  Address emerging human development challenges with a focus on bridging inequalities and curbing exclusion
•  Provide statistical information and monitor progress in various dimensions of human development
•  Evaluate and monitor social service delivery periodically with a critical emphasis on transparency
•  Document best practices that promote grassroots democracy and people’s participation in development


The Government of NCT of Delhi (Planning Department) set up a Chair at the Institute for Human Development (IHD) for a period of three years (2012 – 2015) to work on human development issues. The Human Development towards Bridging Inequalities (HDBI) project of the UNDP and erstwhile Planning Commission also co-sponsored activities of the Chair. The objective of the Chair was to undertake policy-relevant studies on various human development concerns pertaining to urban areas, with a focus on the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The chair prepared the Second Delhi Human Development Report (DHDR) which encompassed a wide spectrum of issues concerning the city-state; conducted research on a number of human development issues such as Health, Water, Sanitation, Education, Housing, Livelihoods, Environment, Violence and so on. A representative public perception survey was also carried out for informing the DHDR. Apart from this, the first Millennium Development Goals Report for Delhi State was also prepared in collaboration with the Planning Department of the Government of NCT of Delhi. Several thematic reports, including evaluation of policies and programmes (ICDS, RSBY, Financing Human Development); policy briefs and statistical bulletins on different dimensions of human development were prepared.