With its underlying motivation stemming from the felt need of addressing gaps in policy research on different aspects of health and nutrition system in India, research at IHD have been always oriented towards contributing to contemporary policy discourses. Since its inception, researchers at IHD, with specializations in health financing, health systems analysis, nutrition and food security etc. have contributed significantly in addressing different dimensions of population health and nutrition. Apart from distinct research projects, IHD research on health and nutrition aspects have been well-integrated in the larger exercises of preparing a number of state development reports and human development reports such as the Delhi Human Development Report 2006, Manipur State Development Report, Bihar State Development Report, and Mizoram State Human Development Report. Building on the rich tradition of high-quality empirical research and policy events at IHD on focal themes of health and nutrition aspects in India, current research on health and nutrition at IHD have been brought under the aegis of a specific research programme – the Population Health and Nutrition Research Programme (PHN-RP). Formally initiated in April, 2012, the PHN-RP envisages undertaking concerted research into key themes on health and nutrition in India, guided by a well-planned research agenda. The major orientation of PHN research at IHD has been to provide inputs to evidence-based health policy making in India, and contribute to facilitating dialogue on key issues on health and nutrition among researchers, government and other development partners.

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