In the short duration since its initiation, PHN-RP has witnessed a phenomenal spurt in research activities and successfully commenced studies on a number of research projects. The funding agencies and grants with which IHD researchers have been working currently involve an illustrious mix of clients such as the Department of Health Research-Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India (through the Indian Council of Medical Research), UNICEF, The World Bank (Social Development Unit) and the World Health Organization. A brief synopsis of the current projects under PHN-RP follows:  
A study on 'Equity Impacts of a Targeted Health Insurance Scheme: New Evidence from India’s Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana', sponsored by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Social and Behavioral Research Unit.
A study on ‘Food and Nutrition Security, Coping Strategies and Public Policy in Tribal Communities: A Study of the Interaction Processes and Mechanisms in Jharkhand, India’, sponsored by Social Development Unit, The World Bank
A systematic review on ‘Equity in coverage for select chronic diseases in India’ sponsored by the World Health Organization Country Office, India
Research and Review on Millennium Development Goals in Bihar on the themes of maternal and child health, child nutrition, education and water and sanitation, supported by UNICEF-Bihar. The output, in the form of a research monograph is being developed as a policy-and-advocacy document aimed at different levels of the state government.
Research partnership with UNICEF-Bihar for an implementation research project on 'Child nutrition surveillance and community-level behaviour change efforts.' PHN researchers will be closely involved in this project for over 30 months, providing research inputs, data analysis and impact evaluation of the intervention. The first phase of the research is expected t be completed by March, 2013.
Background research study on ‘Economic Growth and Income-related Health Inequality’ jointly with Ulf-G Gerdtham. Lund University under STINT Research Initiation Grant.
  Apart from these projects, PHN-RP is mandated to contribute towards the chapters on health and nutrition for the two State Human Development Reports – Assam and Delhi – that IHD has been recently commissioned with.

A few other themes on which proposals are being developed or under review by different agencies include,
Access to Medicines in Public Health Facilities in India: Equity Impacts and Scaling-Up Options. The proposed research aims to study, based on field-studies from three Indian states, alternative models of providing medicines at low cost or for free aiming financial risk protection. Subsequently the learning will be used as policy inputs to similar initiatives planned in Bihar
How mobile phones and ICTS can be leveraged to impact health behaviours among pregnant women and young children. The focus will be to develop, implement and test benefits from technology-based communication strategy for promoting and monitoring healthy behavior for mothers and newborn in selected districts in Bihar, India
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