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The Institute has established its network with a large number of institutions and individuals working in the areas of poverty, livelihood, labour and human development, both in India and abroad.

  • Apart from several national institutions, IHD has collaborated with a number of international institutions such as the International Institute of Labour Studies, UNICEF, UNDP, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Institute of Labour and Social Security, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Wollongong University, Cornell University, Amsterdam University, Toronto University, Singapore National University, Strategic Asia, etc. either in research projects or for joint workshops/ seminars.

  • IHD is a partner and host of India Water Partnership. The Institute served as a nodal point in India for the Partnership based at Stockholm, for networking of people and organisations interested in water-related issues. It developed a Vision Report on Water for the year 2025 as part of this partnership.

  • It is coordinating a major international research policy advocacy and networking programme on Social Protection in Asia, in association with the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex.

  • It is a member of several international networks such as Infocus Programmes on Socio-Economic Security of the International Labour Organisation; Women in Informal Employment: Globalising and Organising (WIEGO), Cambridge, Massachusetts; International Industrial Relations Association.

  • Members of the faculty of the Institute are associated with a number academic institutions and professional bodies in advisory capacities and through academic collaboration. Ministries of the Government of India and international organisations also periodically seek the advice of the faculty on human development issues.

Sponsors and Partners