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  Volume 05 Number I January-June 2011
Regional Disparities in Education, Health and Human Development in India
Madhusudan Ghosh Abstract    |    Full Pdf
What Matters for Outcomes in Elementary Education in India?
Jandhyala B.G. Tilak Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Financial Inclusion and Human Development in India:An Inter-State Analysis
Pravat Kumar Kuri and Arindam Laha Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Symposium on The Idea of Justice
What is the Idea of Justice?
Keith Dowding Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Towards a Hermeneutics of Justice: Reflections on Amartya Sen’s Philosophy
Roberto Alejandro Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Sen’s Idea of Justice versus Rawls’ Theory of Justice
Sebastiano Maffettone Abstract    |    Full Pdf
What Sen Should Have Said to Rawls
James P. Sterba Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Re-Theorizing Justice: Some Comments on Amartya Sen’s The Idea of Justice
Charles W. Mills Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Justice as the Lens: Interrogating Rawls through Sen and Ambedkar
Valerian Rodrigues Abstract    |    Full Pdf
The Romance of Global Justice? Sen’s Deparochialization and the Quandary of Dalit Marxism
Aakash Singh Rathore Abstract    |    Full Pdf
A Question for Sen about Democracy and Justice
Philip Pettit Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Sen, Rawls—and Sisyphus
Christian Schemmel Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Against Sen Against Rawls on Justice
Evan Riley Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Sen’s Realization-Focused Notion of Justice and the Burden of Democratic Governance in African Societies
O.A. Oyeshile Abstract    |    Full Pdf
On Adjusting the Survivorship Dimension in the Human Development Index
Udaya S. Mishra Abstract    |    Full Pdf
New Estimates of Poverty in India: A Critique of the ‘Tendulkar Committee Report’—A Response
M.H. Suryanarayana Abstract    |    Full Pdf
Book Reviews
Veena Das and Ranendra K. Das Sociology and Social Anthropology of Economic Life – I: The Moral Embedding of Economic Action
Surinder S. Jodhka Full Pdf
Rakesh Basant and Abusaleh Shariff Handbook of Muslims: Empirical and Policy Perspectives
D. Narasimha Reddy Full Pdf
India Social Development Report 2010: The Land Question and the Marginalized
R. Ramakumar Full Pdf
Deepak Kumar, Vinita Damodaran and Rohan D’Souza Environmental Encounters in South Asia: The British Empire and the Natural World
Mayank Kumar Full Pdf
Sharit K. Bhowmik Street Vendors in the Global Urban Economy
Kaveri Gill Full Pdf
Praveen Jha Progressive Fiscal Policy in India
Pinaki Chakraborty Full Pdf