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IHD Training Programme

Econometrics and NSS Data Analysis

In order to enhance skills on the handling of National Sample Survey (NSS) data and the use of applied econometric techniques, IHD conducted a workshop on “Basic Econometrics and National Sample Survey Data” during 2-4 August 2012. The workshop was conducted by Vidhya Soudararajan, Ph.D scholar, Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, USA. Prior to the workshop, a session on the employment of STATA (statistical software) and concepts, and the nature and characteristics of employment and unemployment was conducted by Dr. Ajit Ghose and Dr. Sandip Sarkar on 1 August 2012. More than 20 research staff members of IHD participated in this workshop, including senior fellows, associates and researchers. The workshop helped researchers in understanding, extracting and further analysing the NSS data. The training programme also provided the participants an opportunity to develop and improve their analytical skills with regard to the use of econometric tools and techniques.