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IHD Training Programme

Training Course for Young Scholars on Project Proposal Writing, Drafting of Research Reports/Papers and Presentation Skills, 21-23 December 2014, Ranchi

The Institute for Human Development Eastern Regional Centre organised a Training Course for Young Scholars on Project Proposal Writing, Drafting of Research Reports/Papers and Presentation Skills held at Ranchi during 21-23 December 2014. The Course was directed by Prof. J. Krishnamurty, Visiting Professor at the Institute for Human Development, New Delhi with the assistance of IHD staff from New Delhi and Ranchi. The programme was coordinated by Mr. Ashwani Kumar, Programme Coordinator, IHD-ERC, Ranchi; Ms. Swati Dutta, Faculty and Mr. Shravan Kumar, Programme & Communication Associate from New Delhi. The Training programme focused on improving capabilities in three important areas: improving drafting; improving the preparation of research proposals, and improving presentation. 15 young researchers/scholars and students from universities and research institutes from the Eastern India (States of Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal & Odisha) participated in this three-day workshop. Prof Alakh N Sharma, Director, IHD delivered the welcome address and emphasized the importance of the training programme towards imparting key lessons and approaches in scientific research communications and writing research proposals to young researchers. The trainees were handed over certificates of participation by Dr. Harishwar Dayal, Director, Eastern Regional Centre, Ranchi. The three days training programme was evaluated by Dr. Swati Dutta, Faculty at IHD.

Each day was divided into lectures, assignments, group-discussions, presentations and intensive interaction between the attendees and the resource persons. On Day I (December 21), drafting skills were discussed, followed by exercises on mind-mapping and revising short research papers based on the discussions. Day II (December 22) was devoted to the important aspects of proposal writing. Following an interactive lecture, the trainees were asked to develop brief proposals on selected topics/themes which were then reviewed and specific feedback provided to them. The assignments were worked out by the trainees divided into groups ensuring balance in subjects and experience levels among them. On Day III (December 23), presentation skills were discussed, and group-presentations were made based on few published research papers by prominent scholars. Before concluding the technical sessions of the training program, the trainees were provided with evaluation forms to provide their assessment, feedback and comments on the content, pedagogy and treatment of the different topics taken up during the workshop.

We received a very positive feedback from the participants. The training programme, including the individual sessions, was rated at more than 8 out of 10 point scale. The participants felt that they had greatly benefited in terms of acquiring systematic skills for drafting and proposal writing and learnt more effective ways of using power point presentations. They also expressed a desire to know more about the details of preparation, submission and evaluation of project proposals. They sought more information about funding agencies which grant small grants for young researchers. There was a demand for more such training programmes for the eastern region as well as other parts of the country.


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